How to Attract, Evaluate, and Hire Entry-Level Candidates


In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn the following:

checkmark  How to Attract Entry-level Candidates

The pandemic has made it tough to recruit entry-level talent, especially recent college grads. With the cancellation of on-campus recruiting events and career fairs, employers have to find other means of tapping into this talent pool. That's why we'll discuss keys ways in which you can source and attract this demographic.

checkmark  How to Evaluate Candidates with Limited Job Experience
Given that college graduates are a common source for talent when it comes to filling entry-level positions, it's no surprise that a common challenge recruiters face is a lighter resume. We'll discuss ways you can assess your talent that identifies potential despite lack of experience.
checkmark  How to Increase the Likelihood That a Candidate Accepts the Offer
So you've recruited, evaluated, and identified the perfect candidate for your entry-level role. Now how do you get them to accept the job? Especially if they have multiple offers to choose from? We'll share some tips on how to increase the likelihood your top candidates say yes.