The ROI of Pre-Employment Assessments

In this eBook, you'll learn about the following:

checkmark  Tying Assessments to the Bottom Line

Discover how Incorporating pre-employment tests into your hiring process leads directly to improved quality of hire, and can significantly enhance your bottom line.

checkmark  Defining ROI for Assessments
ROI is a simple calculation that divides the total return from an activity by the total investment. While this may seem deceptively simple, the hardest part is selecting the proper inputs for the costs and the benefits. We'll go over how to do this with assessments.
checkmark  Tracing the ROI from New Hire to Long-Term Employee
With a validated, evidence-based assessment program in place, it is possible to trace ROI cross every stage of the employee life cycle, from pre-hire to post-hire. We will trace how to measure and attain ROI across four different stages.