The State of Hiring in a Year of Crisis

Key insights into how hiring and HR have adapted in a year of unprecedented change

In this report, you'll learn the following:

checkmark  The Top Hiring Trends of 2020

The recruiting landscape has dramatically shifted over the course of 2020. And while there are still many unanswered questions about the long-term effects of the pandemic on hiring, there are clear trends that are starting to emerge.

checkmark  The Impact of COVID-19 on HR
Nothing has shaped 2020 more than COVID-19. In a matter of months, nearly every career, department, and organization has been impacted by the pandemic - arguably human resources the most.
checkmark  How Companies Have Been Hiring in 2020
Learn how companies have been hiring, how their recruiting strategies have shifted, and what technology employers have been increasingly relying on this past year.
checkmark  And more! 
In this report, we'll also explore topics such as the rise of remote work, the increasing prioritization of diversity, and the future outlook of hiring.