Lever and Criteria Corp have partnered together to enable our mutual customers to access the data-driven insights from Criteria Corp’s assessments directly within Lever’s platform. Fill out the form to request a demo of Criteria Corp’s assessment platform, HireSelect. A representative from the Criteria Corp team will reach out to you shortly.

The demo will cover:

  • Criteria’s comprehensive suite of aptitude, personality and skills tests
  • The science and validation behind the assessments
  • How to select the right assessments for your open positions
  • How to interpret the results

About Criteria Corp:

Criteria Corp is a pre-employment testing company with a simple goal: to help you make better hiring decisions. We believe every company’s greatest asset is their employees, which is why we’ve built a user-friendly, cost-effective platform, HireSelect, to help you attract, assess, and hire the best employees for your team. Our scientifically validated aptitude, personality, and skills tests give companies of all sizes the data-driven tools they need to hire smarter and more efficiently.