To Measure Hiring Success, Look Beyond the Hiring Process
On-Demand Webinar
When most employers think about hiring metrics, they typically think of metrics that are directly related to the hiring process, such as time to fill or cost per hire. While these metrics are important to track, they only tell a short-term story of hiring success.

In this webinar, we discuss why you should evaluate your hiring success not solely on hiring metrics but also on organizational metrics that typically occur post-hire. And tracking these metrics is the first step to improving them

Watch now and join Criteria Corp CEO, Josh Millet as he explores how hiring professionals can move the needle on important business outcomes by incorporating more predictive hiring tactics.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The value of tracking organizational metrics as hiring metrics
  • How to measure some of the key organizational metrics
  • The predictive hiring tactics that move the needle on these metrics